Over the years in my professional life, I have strived to find a more optimal solution to the challenges presented to me. I will never contend I am a leading authority or the suggestions I present are the only way to tackle an issue.  I am sharing the suggestions in efforts to make things easier on others; and possibly remind myself how to attack a problem.

In the portfolio I have suggestions on issues with SQL, Python, R, and now some WebGL too. I am always open to hearing how others would approach a problem and trying to find a more optimal solution.

If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to leave a comment or contact me via email.


Latest Posts


  • Address Verification API
    Where do you live? May be a simple question, but when companies are asking where someone lives, the answer isn’t always so easy. The physical address and the mailing address of a person can be two completely separate things. And when companies want to send direct mail, they need to ensure the message is appropriate.… Read more: Address Verification API
  • Lyrical Success
    I’m not gonna write you a love song – Sara Bareilles Post 1 of 4 A question I’ve always wondered is their a magic formula for creating a number one song. Many song writers are prolific however their song doesn’t necessarily have commercial success. It may be difficult to quantify how the musical composition relates… Read more: Lyrical Success
  • Lyrical Success – Getting the Data
    To obtain the data I am going to use Beautiful Soup and a few other packages to scrap the content from the websites. Part 2 of 4 Steps for Getting the Data Get the Songs Made by the Artists Extract the List of Songs by the Artist Scrap the Lyrics for Each Song by the… Read more: Lyrical Success – Getting the Data


  • Temporal Tables
    Where we are going, we need to keep track of the history in the tables. How to set up and use Temporal Tables in Microsoft SQL Microsoft SQL has native support for keeping track of Insert / Update / Delete from system versioned tables. The following explains how to set up and use temporal tables… Read more: Temporal Tables
  • Foreign Key List
    Query to show foreign keys for specified table and or column
  • Search Value in Multiple Columns
    Where is it? WHERE IS IT? WHERE???? Sometimes you need to search for a value in the table, but you have no idea where it is. The query will use a cursor allowing you to search through multiple tables and multiple columns to find the value.


  • Dashboard – Service Line
    Dashboard – Service Line Dashboard showing summary statistics by Hospital’s different Service Lines. Showing statistics about number of patients, number of encounters, surgical volume, and case mix.
  • Dashboard – Survey
    Dashboard – Survey Dashboard tracking students responses to organizational learning sessions. Students would rate the course, instructor, self-evaluations, and provide free-form comments.
  • Dashboard – Spiritual Health
    Dashboard – Spiritual Health Dashboard tracking the contacts between spiritual advisors and patients. Spiritual advisors can be for a specific religious denomination or non-denominational. The dashboard was used to ensure the hospital was in compliance with anti-discrimination laws.