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Month: January 2024

Temporal Tables

Where we are going, we need to keep track of the history in the tables.

How to set up and use Temporal Tables in Microsoft SQL Microsoft SQL has native support for keeping track of Insert / Update / Delete from system versioned tables. The following explains how to set up and use temporal tables in Microsoft SQL.

Foreign Key List

Query to show foreign keys for specified table and or column

Search Value in Multiple Columns

Where is it? WHERE IS IT? WHERE????

Sometimes you need to search for a value in the table, but you have no idea where it is. The query will use a cursor allowing you to search through multiple tables and multiple columns to find the value.

Date Format List

Stop searching the web for date formats, query the database

Michael M.

Simple query to show you all the date time formats in the database.

Code for View

Show the DDL Code for a View

Check Login Security

Show the user’s login security

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