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IT Service Desk Dashboard

IT Service Desk Dashboard Showing performance by group, allowing to see the tables behind the charts.

IT Ticket Backlog

IT Ticket Backlog for Prior 12 Months

What are you working and when will you be done?

Every VP ever.

A common question for IT service desks is how many tickets are outstanding and how many hours of work does that represent.

Membership Dashboard

We need more members, but I don’t know how many I have.

Mary g.

Membership Dashboard

The dashboard shows the number of members for each of the Employee Resource Groups

Lyrical Success – Model Prediction

In this step, I will look at the data to see if we can do any feature engineering. And then I will edit the data for the model, train multiple models, evaluate the best model and then test the model. Let’s get started.

Part 4 of 4

Steps for Creating the Model

  1. Song Summary
  2. Visualizations
  3. Prepare the Lyrics for Analysis
  4. Model Building

Modeling and Prediction for Movie Audience Ratings

Modeling and Prediction for Movie Audience Ratings


One of the key issues facing film production companies is, will the production company make a profit from a movie. It is assumed that favorable audience reviews will in-turn lead to higher ticket sales or DVD sales, both items directly affect a movie’s profitability.

The analysis will look at what attributes lead to a higher average audience review score on the public website, Rotten Tomatoes

Spoiler Alert The analysis creates a model that is close, but isn’t 100% confident.

Blazin’ Burger Business Performance Metrics

Blazin’ Burger Business Performance Metrics

Over the last year, the three New York locations of fast-food restaurant Blazin’ Burger have
produced mixed financial results.

Below is a presentation-ready dashboard that will show

  • KPI’s that show performance data from each location
  • External data from NYC board of health

Below are dashboards created using MicroStrategy.

R Markdown to WordPress

Posting an Rmd File to WordPress

Updated: 2021-10-02 for R version 4.1

There are four R packages you will need to be able to post an Rmd file to WordPress. Yes there are alternatives you can generate the HTML yourself and copy and paste things, but why would you want to do it?

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