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Dashboard – Covid

Dashboard – Covid

Tracking the Covid variant by incidents, lineage, location and patent demographics

Dashboard – Covid Studies

Dashboard – Covid Studies

Tracking the hospital’s different Covid Studies, by provider, area of interest, and funding source.

Dashboard – Child Vaccinations

Dashboard – Child Vaccinations

Dashboard showing details about vaccinations for children age 9 – 18

With focus on vaccinations for TDAP, MCV, and HPV.

Dashboard – Aeromed

Dashboard reviewing the performance of the hospital’s four aeromed units. Aeromed units are used when a patient needs critical care and must be transported by helicopter and can not be transported by ground transportation.

Dashboard shows details about completed, cancelled, and maintenance missions.

Dashboard – Anesthesia

Dashboard – Anesthesia

Show when an Anesthesiologist has an overlapping operation. Show the details on how many operations are overlapping, And the date and times of the overlapping operations.

Visualization – Correlation Chart

Correlation Chart in Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense does not have a correlation chart built-in. However we can mimic the capability by using a heat map.

Address Verification API

Where do you live? May be a simple question, but when companies are asking where someone lives, the answer isn’t always so easy. The physical address and the mailing address of a person can be two completely separate things. And when companies want to send direct mail, they need to ensure the message is appropriate.

Today I am going to show a Python program that I wrote that can process millions of addresses and verify if the address is a valid mailing address that matches the physical address. And how the majority of online mapping services get it wrong.

IT Service Desk Dashboard

IT Service Desk Dashboard Showing performance by group, allowing to see the tables behind the charts.

IT Ticket Backlog

IT Ticket Backlog for Prior 12 Months

What are you working and when will you be done?

Every VP ever.

A common question for IT service desks is how many tickets are outstanding and how many hours of work does that represent.

Membership Dashboard

We need more members, but I don’t know how many I have.

Mary g.

Membership Dashboard

The dashboard shows the number of members for each of the Employee Resource Groups

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